Fresco of the Crucifixion
Fresco of the Crucifixion

Fresco of the Crucifixion

Maestro of San Gottardo

Fresco - 1336-40 ca.

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Fresco of the Crucifixion
The fresco with the vast and crowded Crucifixion, rediscovered in 1926 on a wall belonging to a type of chapter house at the base of the bell tower, was torn and is now preserved inside the church. The fresco, very spoiled, shows the outline of an articulated process, built according to the typical way of working of Giotto’s sites, (the space setting and fresco painting carried out "in days"), with details in relief, probably gold (in particular the appliques and the embroidery on the clothes) and traces of the presence of sheets of tin silver (for the soldiers' armours). Because of the humidity of the church, now seen to, the fresco suffered further damage so that a second restoration was required which was carried out during the eighties. It was restored in 2005, with good results in increased legibility



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This Work is in the Milan and San Giuliano Milanese itinerary

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San Gottardo a Corte

How to reach San Gottardo a Corte

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via Francesco Pecorari, 2 - Milano


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