The Abbey of Chiaravalle

The Abbey of Chiaravalle

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Built around the mid-twelfth century, the Abbey of Chiaravalle has the extraordinary distinction of a Gothic structure (the tiburium, i.e. the polygonal structure which contains the dome) inserted in the essential and pauperistic Cistercian concept. The lantern tower, built in the late 30's of the fourteenth century, probably by architect Francesco de' Pegorari according to Transalpine gothic models which were unknown and extremely rare in Italy, is still visible in the distance from the surrounding countryside and is a typical reference point for the plain south of Milan. The church was protected by the Visconti and in particular by Archbishop Giovanni, lord of Milan from 1339 to 1354. The interior has the typical Bernardine plan (St. Bernard of Clairvaux exported a model of abbey based on square modules) and is characterised by a robust structure due to the influence of Lombard Romanesque. The cloister is very interesting as are the refectory and the chapter house on which a monochrome wall graffiti with a view of the city stands out, attributed to Donato Bramante.

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