San Gottardo a Corte

San Gottardo a Corte

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The church of San Gottardo was built by order of Azzone Visconti, Lord of Milan, in 1329-1339, as the court church of the mansion. The external appearance of the building was completely transformed by Giuseppe Piermarini during the neoclassical period (about 1770). Only the elegant and slender bell tower and a portion of the church which approximately corresponds to a bay are left of the original layout.
The interior at the time of Azzone had to appear sumptuous and admirable in the fashion of Avignon, with walls decorated with lapis lazuli and gold leaf, a carved triptych and a frontal with precious gems on the altar, ambos and floors covered in ivory, with gold and silk hangings everywhere.  Inside there is the tomb of Azzone Visconti sculpted by Giovanni di Balducci from Pisa and by his workshop and paid for by the archbishop and lord of Milan Giovanni Visconti between 1342 and 1344.
Today the church is an exhibition space run by the Duomo Museum.

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Opening Hours

09:30 - 19:30
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Last ticket at 6:30 pm
09:30 - 22:30
Thursday and Saturday. Last ticket at 9:30 pm
12:30 - 19:30
Sunday. Last ticket at 6:30 pm
14:30 - 19:30
Monday. Last ticket at 6:30 pm

How to reach the site

via Francesco Pecorari, 2 - Milano (MI)


Fresco of the Crucifixion

Fresco of the Crucifixion

Maestro of San Gottardo

Fresco - 1336-40 ca.

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