San Domenico Maggiore

San Domenico Maggiore

Napoli - Basilica

Commissioned by Charles II of Anjou, protector of the Dominicans in Italy and in the French counties, it was built in Gothic style with three naves on the spaces occupied by the ancient monastery of San Michele Arcangelo in Morfisa, between 1283 and 1325. It became the church of the nobility of Seggio del Nido, also beloved by the Aragonese, and was enriched by an extraordinary artistic heritage (the remarkable sculptures of the XIV-XVIII and the Sacristy), forming with the monastery a majestic sacred block, for centuries the seat of the University. The access from Piazza San Domenico, in the heart of the historical centre, where the polygonal apse stands behind the famous Spire, is very impressive. The interior was completely redecorated with the nineteenth-century restoration by Federico Travaglini (1850-53).

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piazza San Domenico Maggiore 8 - Napoli (NA)


Fresco Cycle of the Brancaccio Chapel

Fresco Cycle of the Brancaccio Chapel

Pietro Cavallini

Fresco - Before 1312

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