Saint Clement's Cathedral

Saint Clement's Cathedral

Teano - Church

The Cathedral was built in the historic town at the foot of the massif of Roccamonfina, one of the main gateways to felix Campania, during the XI century (1050-1116) on the remains of at least two older churches and perhaps of a pre-existing temple. Many renovations have changed its original plan. The Romanesque apse was modified during the sixteenth century and the 1539 richly carved, wooden choir was installed in the presbytery. In 1608, the thirteenth-century pulpit, damaged by fire, was reconstructed with slabs of a fourteenth-century memorial tomb. In the mid-seventeenth century, the cathedral received a new decorative look, but it was almost totally destroyed during World War II. Its reconstruction, with the recovery of the columns and the ancient capitals, was led by Roberto Pane around the mid-fifties of the last century
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piazza del Duomo - Teano (CE)




Maestro of Giovanni Barrile

Painting - 1330 ca.

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