San Lorenzo Maggiore

San Lorenzo Maggiore

Napoli - Basilica

The church is the main core of a building complex which was one of the greatest cultural and religious centres of the city. After the demolition of the sixth century basilica, around 1270-1275, Charles I of Anjou decided to build a grand temple with the new forms of French Gothic architecture. The apse and choir, the first to be built, thanks to transalpine architects, show a clear linear purity and are a unique example in the whole of southern Italy. Moving on to the transept and the nave with the side chapels, the simplification of the large volumes, the development of the wall surfaces and the very concept of simple and compact spaces all speak of a marked turn towards an Italianised Gothic, and of the adherence to a more conservative style, as well as of a return to the Franciscan model of "poor church".

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Via dei Tribunali 316 - Napoli (NA)


Stories of the Virgin and of Mary Magdalene

Stories of the Virgin and of Mary Magdalene

Maestro of the Stories of Magdalene / Maestro of Giovanni Barrile / Montano d'Arezzo

Fresco - 1295-1300; 1300; 1333-34

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