Church of Santa Maria Incoronata

Church of Santa Maria Incoronata

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The church was certainly built prior to a document dated 1373 which mentions it as already existing in that place, a building created as a religious and charitable organisation. It was probably the queen of Naples, Giovanna I, who around 1352, in order to celebrate her coronation, ordered the construction of a hospital for the poor and of a sacred building devoted to the Crown of Thorns of Christ, by virtue of the relic from Sainte Chapelle in Paris, which she had donated to the church. The monument was not created from scratch, but encompasses the Courthouse built by Robert of Anjou; the entrance aisle and the corresponding outside porch, which served as a place for posting notices and edicts, in fact date back to that period whilst the smaller side aisle dates back to a later period.  

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Fresco cycle by Roberto d'Oderisio

Fresco cycle by Roberto d'Oderisio

Roberto d'Oderisio

Fresco - 1340-1343/1352-1354

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