The Carrarese Royal Palace

The Carrarese Royal Palace

Padova - Palace

The stately home of the Carrara family was begun by Ubertino da Carrara, the first lord of Padua, between 1338 and 1345. The building, not far from the Cathedral, underwent two different construction phases: the so-called Palazzo Vecchio or west wing, completed in 1343, and the Palazzo Nuovo, completed by Francesco the Elder. The surviving documents tell us it was a richly decorated mansion. Geometrically patterned decorations are still visible on the ground floor, while the rooms held cycles inspired by history and classical mythology. The palace chapel was located on the first floor, where frescoes by Guariento are still partially preserved. Today, only a portion of the original building survives, with a beautiful fourteenth century double loggia. The palace has been the seat of the Galilean Accademia of Sciences, Humanities and Arts since 1779.

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Via Accademia 7 - Padova (PD)


Stories of the Old Testament

Stories of the Old Testament

Guariento di Arpo

Fresco - Before 1354

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