Church of San Felice in Piazza

Church of San Felice in Piazza

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The church of San Felice in Piazza (from the village of Piazza which was once outside the walls), was already documented in 1066 and came under the control of the Benedictines (the frescoed lunette in fact also depicts the abbot of Nonantola) in 1153. The church, passed to the Camaldolesi around 1413 and was rebuilt several times, with a typically Gothic interior and a simple Renaissance facade with a tympanum crowning element (triangular) attributed to Michelozzo (1457).  Among the numerous paintings it houses, the Crucifix attributed to Giotto stands out.

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16:30 - 18:30
Mon-Fri. Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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Piazza San Felice - Firenze (FI)


Painted crucifix

Painted crucifix


Painting - 1305-10 ca.

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