The Horne Foundation Museum

The Horne Foundation Museum

Firenze - Museums

Set up in the fifteenth century Corsi palace, the museum displays the fine art collection of one of the greatest scholars of Florentine Renaissance, the Englishman Herbert Horne (1864-1916). The rooms, which are still  furnished as the collector wanted them in order to recreate the spaces of an ideal home of the ruling classes of the time through the furniture and furnishings, house paintings and sculptures from the fourteenth-fifteenth century, including Santo Stefano by Giotto, purchased by Horne in London in 1904.

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Opening Hours

09:00 - 13:00
Mon-Sat. Closed on Sunday.

How to reach the site

Via dei Benci, 6 - Firenze (FI)


Saint Stephen

Saint Stephen


Painting - 1328-1336

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