The Oratory of San Giorgio

The Oratory of San Giorgio

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The Oratory of San Giorgio overlooks the churchyard of the Basilica of Sant’Antonio. It was commissioned by Raimondino Lupi di Soragna in 1377. The façade resembles an actual mausoleum, with a wall surface of decorative bricks marked by pilasters (half columns placed against the wall) and suspended arches below the line of the gable crowning (the triangular area of the upper frame). The front has reliefs inserted, now very abraded, of St. George slaying the dragon and nobility insignia. The interior has a barrel vault where at the centre the ark by Raimondino was once located, supported by four columns, above which there were statues of men-at-arms. Raimondino’s project aimed at celebrating families through a comparison with the Scrovegni Chapel, whose architectural structure is recalled by the Oratory.

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Piazza del Santo - Padova (PD)


Fresco cycle in the Oratory of San Giorgio

Fresco cycle in the Oratory of San Giorgio

Altichiero da Zevio

Fresco - 1379-1384

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