Cathedral's Baptistery

Cathedral's Baptistery

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The Duomo Baptistery’s primitive architectural structure dates back to ancient times, and rests on pre-existing early Christian structures. The building underwent several alterations over time, up until its consecration by the Patriarch of Grado which took place in 1281.
Further changes date back to the seventies of the fourteenth century, when Francesco da Carrara the Elder, lord of Padua, and his wife Fina Buzzaccarini, who were preparing their graves here which were destroyed in 1405 by the Venetian conquest, gave the building the role of mausoleum for the Carrara family.
Originally the Baptistery was accessed from the west side and the entrance was dominated by the arcosolium tomb of Fina by sculptor Andriolo de Santi, of which only the crowning element and the frescoed bezel dedicated to the customer and to the patron Saints of the city remain today.

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Fresco cycle in the Baptistery of the Cathedral

Fresco cycle in the Baptistery of the Cathedral

Giusto de' Menabuoi

Fresco - 1375-1378

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